15 Best Christmas Getaways in United States

As the twinkling decorations dangle across the shopping streets and doorsteps, and jingle bells of the Christmas carols are heeded from every corner- It’s evident that Halloween is long gone and now Christmas with all its shining glory is at the door.

Whether to celebrate the authentic way by joining the Midnight Mass services, side with the metropolitan festivity, or seek a nonchalant holiday for you and your special persons here is a planner to help you choose the best destination for a bracing Christmastide in the United States.

1. New York City

New York City

Empire State City is unique in many aspects- be it lifestyle, cultural excellence, or holiday festivities. Named as one of the must-see celebrations worldwide, Christmas in New York is authentic, merry, and filled with exciting occasions.

Ladened with baubles, public ice rinks, and enormous decorations, the Rockefeller Center with its Christmas tree in Midtown Manhattan is an exceptional representation, although not the only one; National Museum of Natural History’s trees are topped with thoroughfares, flanked by life-size angles, while Gramercy Park’s bewildering glowing adornment, jointly with characteristics skating rinks at the Bryant and Central Parks.

Christmas fairs’ open-air markets and malls with window-shoppers’ deals all over the city, and classic holiday shows are the city’s specials- whether for witnessing a touching Nutcracker performance, or the spirited carols at the art déco of the Radio City, or festive mid-alley street shows. Grab the best offers on your trinkets, satisfying your appetite with the tidbits of food fests and nexus with the New Yorkers’ Christmas spirit in this holiday season.

2. Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Celebrating the holidays in America’s capital promises an unbeatable experience, joined with the revered sights of white house decorations- the capitol tree and other 56 trees, in the rectitude of the American states, territories, and the one and only Columbia district. Apart from the ruling seat, festivity is infectious throughout the urban arteries, marked for holiday fairs, themed restaurants, parades, and occasional concerts by some of the world’s best pop artists.

Garlanded in millions of sparkling lights, Pacific Northwest’s largest holiday light show is here at the Lights of Christmas Festival, together with the glistening skating rink at the National Art Gallery’s sculpture garden. With the frosty winters, Washington is a glorified, and yet budget-friendly Christmas destination.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii offers an escape deal from the quintessential cold of Christmas and snow-dusted trees; the place that authentic scenes of nativity run into aloha- welcoming Santas, and sweeping blue shores. While themed decorations adorn from the hotel lobbies to beach bars, Honolulu’s holiday seasons are complemented with ballet hall performances, Haka Santa and Tutu Mele at the Hale Fountain, giant Santas, showy trinkets and lights- illustrating every corner of the island into a festive wonderland.

In addition to Oceanside entertainment and Waikiki resort’s paddling Santas, the Polynesian’s living museum and cultural center grant sophisticated events that feature world-class concerts, and even a day of snow on the beach for a wholesome Christmas experience.

4. North Pole, Alaska

North Pole, Alaska

If looking for an unrivaled light show embedded in the natural luxury, wanting to visit Santa Claus’s personal quarters or simply looking for an unforgettable vacation away from the bustling Christmas markets- the city of North Pole is a place to go. Located in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, it exhibits a small-town charm, a homely festive feel, and the spectacles of the northern lights across the night sky- representing the world’s ultimate light show.

Based on a true historic figure, Saint Nicholas of Myra, the legendary Santa Claus’s home is a popular attraction during the holiday season, together with cozy themed hotels, campsites, and small markets.

5. Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana

While the North Pole City highlights the native home of Saint-nick, the township of Santa Claus claims the title of America’s Christmas Hometown. In this municipality, Christmas is a year-round celebration, harboring the world’s first theme park, events at the Christmas Lake’s golf center and resort, Chrimbo gift shops, and fair markets.

With everything Christmassy, Santa’s Candy Castle is an all-time favorite for the young visitors, at a stroll from the Land of Lights at the Lake Rudolph Campground, and the dainty buffet dinner at the Santa’s Lodge. Santa’s volunteering humanoid-elves are too here, responding to thousands of children’s letters annually, with personalized responses at the town’s national museum.

6. Bethlehem


Designated as the Christmas City of America, Bethlehem carries the name of the Messiah’s birthplace, laden with nativity elements. Dominated by a large wooden star above the urban mountaintops, Christmas festivities range from majestic midnight masses to best-in-class festivals, and the millions of sparkling lights at the grand Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Christmas City Village combines authentic german cuisine with light shows, carols, and all-things Weihnachtsmarkt- the authentic Dutch-style Christmas market.

7. Miami


To combine the luxurious American-style metropolitan celebrations and stretches of sun-kissed beaches at the heart of winter- join the festive heart of Miami in this year’s yuletide. Whether lounging on the sabulous Miami beaches while sipping a Miami Vice Cocktail or hopping on fancy cruises with on-deck concerts over the vast Atlantic ocean- activities in Miami beach are countless during the winter break.

The metropolitan, on the other hand, take on the celebration to a more sophisticated motif, covering form Doral Park breathtaking Nutcracker performances, Anna Noriega of Aloré Events at amid the tropical marvels of the botanical gardens, and the old fashion’s Santas’ post office as a special for the most faithful guests of Santa, the young children.

Miami’s urban tradition during Christmases is to be merry and go on a spree; when bars and restaurants lift their bar menu both in alcoholic content and foodie specials; Phuc Yea restaurant with astonishing decorations and a fun cocktail menu, the unique bar at Wharf’s Riverside Holiday Village, and many more.

8. Asheville


A town built on the foundations of art and Victorian history, Asheville’s Christmas boasts a magical ambiance. Encircled by the snow-capped Blue ridge mountains, every street is illuminated in sparkling lights, the town’s historic castles and Victorian structures turn into fairytale gingerbread homes- which has inspired the Omni Grove Park Inn, with life-size homes made from gingerbread, ginger cookies, drinks particularly ginger ales, fabulous garlands and everything possible at a novelty confectionery home.

Noted as the most illustrated attraction, North Carolina Arboretum turns into an illustrated wonderland, with thousands of lights celebrating the holiday tradition of the township. Lazoom bus tour is a year-round attraction, famed for its humorous relish, that runs through parades, Christmas fair, and the holiday epicenter at the historic quarters.

Asheville has also plans for those seeking a laid-back holiday season, at the salt cave’s wellness center, or over the snow-dusted hiking trails of serene winter wilderness- just outside the urban boundaries.

9. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Standing as a far-flung American territory, Puerto Rico in Christmas grants the sparkling Caribbean blues, the warmth of Spanish culture, and themed events. As a mainly catholic society, the birth of the Christ Child is celebrated across the community, particularly noted for the Misa de Gallo (or midnight mass) in richly decorated cathedrals.

Festival of lights at the historic quarters of Old San Juan points to a fabled gathering, while Chapel of the Christ is respected as a religious center worldwide for the visitors of faith. Pava straw hats, roasted pork, and fried plantains are the Christmases specials of the Island Of Enchantment.

In the vicinity, El Yunque tropical rainforests draped mountains and verdant ravines, and the pale verges of sandy coast. December through March bids the best season to explore the natural richness of the terrain, enjoy the luxurious comfort of beachside resorts and taste some of the world’s best seafood.

10. Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA

Claimed as one of America’s best Christmas towns, Williamsburg is all about lights; starting from every garlanded doorstep to festive squares with grand-and-go snack stalls, a dozen of Christmas fairs, to fine powder bowls and ski runs- at the Christmas themed backcountry skiing chalets.

The historic quarters are charmed with an 18th-century Christmas atmosphere, while Busch Gardens grant a European feel at its twinkling and plant-riddled wonderland. As a family-friendly destination, Yankee Candle Village welcomes visitors of all ages with dainty holiday food, trinket gift shops, cheerful Santas, and festive events.

11. Coronado Island

Coronado Island

Lounging on the dazzling shores of Coronado Island, the Crown City is linked to the mainland by an hour’s drive-length bridge, overlooking the horizons of San Diego. Christmas holidays are characterized by myriads of lights revealing the grandeur of the Victorian edifices and heritage hotels, lying around the historic quartets.

Every doorstep is adorned with garlands, nativity scenes, and blinking colorful lights, and every square in town drifts into a Christmas spirit with looming trees, parades, and artisan fairs. For beachfront celebrations, join the Santa Claus oarsmen boat rides, hop on the luxury cruise boats at Loews Coronado Bay, or visit the picturesque Hotel del Coronado for an authentic American Christmas; with over a century of luxury tourism, this national landmark and heritage hotel binds the authentic Christmas celebrations with family- special holiday packages and Skating by the Sea ice rink.

Among the most notable holiday traditions here, Lamb’s Players Theatre offers dramatic musical performances.

12. Alexandria


Named among the top Christmas destinations worldwide, Alexandria is artistically rich and historically significant. The hometown of America’s founding fathers and literary essence, Christmases tradition is held dear at the heart of each Alexandrian and the urban culture.

Heritage hotels such as the 18th century Gadsby Tavern museum portrays an authentic Victorian Christmases celebration with detailed costumes and all the long-forgotten elegance of colonial celebrations.

The entire town lights up in festivity, particularly around the historic district and the Village of Ice and Lights- the illustrated ice skating tunnel at Cameron Run occasionally accompanied with the spectacles of the northern lights. Water Skiing Santas and boat parades are the specialties of the city’s aquatic artery, the Potomac River.

13. Cape May

Cape May

Combining the magic of the sparkling streetscape and grand victorian houses, Cape May’s historic quarters hold a truly unique Christmas charm. Victorian mansions, Italianate-style villas, and structures carrying the Spanish-influenced essence of East Indies cities, the coastal community offers a rather old-fashioned festivity.

The decoration is a cultural trait, to an extent that the best holiday home decorations win awards and recognition across the community. To celebrate Christmas, relax at the luxurious comfort of waterfront hotels that offer seaside allure, and Christmas-themed events, join the center city parades, the lively open-air fairs, and one of America’s finest Christmas trees at the congress hall, walk yourself through the colonial galore inside the Victorian home, or sip the Barrique-aged wines of Cape May’s wine tasting tours.

14. San Jose

San Jose

Don Lima started a Christmas custom in San Jose over 70 years ago, to grant a family holiday tradition with Christmas tree-lined streets, Candy Cane Lane, and colossal trinkets.

Ever since, the city of San Jose has hosted spectacular Christmas celebrations at one of America’s oldest public assemblies, known as “Christmas in the Park”- at the drive-thru Plaza de César Chávez Park. Located downtown, Christmas fairs, sparkling decorations at every restaurant, boutique, or luxurious shopping mall sit a stone’s throw from the scenic park.

15. Portland


Spending a Christmas Holiday at the magic of a twinkling zoo may be just enough to travel to Portland for this holiday season. Besides the zoo, a glittering ship parade and the Courthouse Square’s towering tree mark the unique features of the season, together with the country’s largest Christmas bazaar.

The best of Christmas menu and tinkers are found at this two-month-long Holiday Food & Gift Festival; whereas Christmas Revels Show immerges deeper into authentic celebration and heritage performances with the Victorian and North European routes. If you are a fan of light shows, visit the west of the Mississippi winter wonderland specials for Christmas Eve, or the illustrated Christmas Fantasy Trail and hundreds of trees dotted with lights at Providence Festival of Trees.

To get a rush of the holiday warmth, embrace the spiced taste of pale ales at Holiday Ale Festival, or pipe down the snow tubing slopes at the fun and famous Cosmic Tubing festivals.

For an additional tip, here are two more of our favorite destinations during the the mistletoe and candy cane season;


The city of business-class entertainment and cultural opulence, Boston transforms into a themed fairyland. With lights illustrating every corner, Faneuil Hall Marketplace’s ice rink, and alluring holiday season offers, Symphony Hall cultural specials and spectacular Christmas trees in almost every road and small back alley, hotel lobbies, front lawns, and the town’s main museums and galleries.

Most spectacular celebrations take place at Boston’s historic quarters, where the sight of atmospheric gas lamps mingle with religious rituals.

South Padre Island

When it comes to wintry beach destinations, South Padre Island is an undiscovered gem with a wealth of natural attractions- and consequently lower prices. Sitting on the coastal tip of Texas, the winters are enjoyable for beachside strolls and dining with the azure vistas here- sided with birding, fishing, and pleasure boating.

With mild winters, sunkissed summers, recreation, and quality food, particularly seafood to indulge in- the island boasts a festive atmosphere throughout the year.

Apart from Christmas, the annual migration of colorful bird species to the south broods over the skies in December to January, located beneath the Atlantic Flyway- together with the magnificent displays of sea turtles nesting from late November to April.

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