Dining in Heights; Top 20 Restaurants in United States

Panoramic vistas remain ever gratifying to the complexity of the human mind. Sided with the good feel of an exquisite meal and a delightful ambient, the experience is enhanced by many folds.

Dining in heights is one of the new age luxuries; whether for a romantic meal, a business meeting or simply dazzling over the world-famous vistas while savoring arrays of flavor and delight.

To enjoy a fine banquet at heights overlooking the dazzling vistas of American landscape or cityscape at an altitude, here are the top 15 destination restaurants that offer fine dining in heights.

1. Top of the World, Las Vegas

 Top of the World, Las Vegas

Some of Las Vegas’s best views are viewed from the high rising viewpoints. Dominating the skyline of the neon cityscape city, Top of the World is a prizewinning restaurant. It is admired for its interior decoration and exceptional vistas, revolving every 80 minutes.

In addition to spectacular views and delightful ambiance, gastronomy is the protagonist at the top of the world. The restaurant’s menu extends from hardy and masterfully roasted steaks to fine gourmet dishes. Fresh ingredients and an award-winning wine menu add to the culinary excellence, sided with hand-crafted cocktail elixirs at the 107 SkyLounge with 360-degree views.

2. The view, New York City

The view, New York City

Sitting atop a 48 story building, New York’s only revolving restaurant is simply named after its most exceptional feature- The View. It marks a place that fine dining meets with 360-degree vistas of the City that Never Sleeps.

Besides hourly rotation and ever-changing perspectives, the restaurant’s menu covers a broad range of fine dining options. Brunch, lunch buffets, seasonal tasting courses, and Table d’hôte, all exalted from local and seasonal ingredients.

3. Asiate, New York City

Asiate, New York City

Perched over New York City, Asiate is a destination restaurant located at the panoramic heights of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. With the prize-winning decor, outstanding quality of food and service, and of course, the sparkling nighttime vistas- the restaurant is often the meeting point of high-end ex-pats and business lunch meetings.

As explained by Asiate’s critique review, the Culinary approach of this restaurant embraces the heartiness of American recipes, mingled with oriental cooking techniques.

4. Sierra Mar, Big Sur

Sierra Mar, Big Sur

Exceptional cuisine blended into enthralling vistas, Sierra Mar sits at the pinnacles of the coastal hotel of Post Ranch Inn. Perching over the wave-washed cliffs of The Pacific Ocean, the restaurant offers spectacular vistas quintessential to Big Sur and west California coastal.

Designed with contemporary architecture with eco-friendly compartments, the interior boasts an award-winning structure; a natural grace both pleasing to the eye and in harmony with the surroundings’ pristine nature.

The glass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows grant panoramic vistas from any seating point at the restaurant. Fine dining here expands from a menu of the country’s best wines, authentic ingredients of the Big Sur Region- particularly seafood, and a seasonal tasting menu.

5. Compass Arizona Grill, Phoenix

Compass Arizona Grill, Phoenix

Hyatt Regency hotel’s rooftop restaurant stands as Arizona’s only revolving restaurant. Here, classic American cuisine meets with southwestern flavors, season-inspired menus, and an elegant rooftop setting. The iconic vistas illustrate from the far-off peaks of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, to the arid Valley of the Sun, and to the fringing skyscrapers of downtown Phoenix.

What makes this restaurant truly remarkable is their wide range of matching wine and dishes- with additional tips from the restaurant’s hospitable sommeliers.

6. Chart House, San Antonio

Chart House, San Antonio

Mounting over San Antonio River and Alamo City, Chart House bids the mesmerizing vistas of the urban skyline, a magical ambient, and masterfully prepared gourmet seafood dishes. This revolving restaurant is located at the top of the Tower of Americas, soaring over 230 meters.

In addition to food and business-grade ambient, Chart House has taken the thrill to the heights of an observation deck, side with an exciting 4D Theater Ride.

7. Elements, Scottsdale

Elements, Scottsdale

Overlooking the desert city of Scottsdale and its scenic canals, Elements rises over the posh suburbs and the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort.

Culinary perfection of the Elements is rooted in farm-fresh ingredients, celebrity chef skills, American cuisine, and the essence of Asian gastronomy- all combined to bring gourmet grade dining at the heights of the Sonoran Desert.

8. The Sun Dial, Atlanta

The Sun Dial, Atlanta

A rotatory restaurant, a revolving cocktail lounge, and an observation deck with a variety of mouthwatering recipes, the Sun Dial is Atlanta’s only Tri-level eatery.

Enlisted among Atlanta’s top diners and best views, the restaurant sits at the soaring heights of Westin Peachtree Plaza Tower- once named as the world’s tallest hotel. Here, cuisine changes in accordance with the season, offering contemporary recipes and farm-to-table ingredients.

9. Spinners, St. Petersburg

Spinners, St. Petersburg

Florida’s only revolving restaurant, Spinners spin on the 12th floor of Grand Plaza Hotel every 90 minutes. Surrounded by stretches of white sand and foam-capped waves of the Gulf of Mexico, sunsets are the most popular time at the restaurant; a previous reservation is recommended to catch the vibrant sunset at St. Pete Beach while dining.

Tantalizing menus offer from craft brews, seafood, and pasta al dente, to seasonal appetizers and masterful cocktail concoctions.

10. Bona Vista Revolving Lounge, LA

Bona Vista Revolving Lounge, LA

In harmony with the upscale dining standards of Los Angeles, Bona Vista is renowned as a classic diner and a charming revolving cocktail lounge with specialty drinks.

known for prime beef roast and fresh seafood, the modern metal-and-glass structure revolves over the ever-vibrant downtown of the city of angels. The restaurant is located at the 35th story of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

11. Metropolitan Club, Chicago

Metropolitan Club, Chicago

A 66 story tall restaurant, Metropolitan Club grants an exceptional dining experience mingled with an eye-level vista of clouds. The restaurant is situated at the iconic skyscraper of Willis Tower- the second tallest structure in North America.

Apart from gourmet cuisine, contemporary architecture, and modern decor, Metropolitan Club is a popular location for conducting a business lunch, taking a small party to the heights, or having an intimate dinner at the privacy-respecting ambient of this towering diner.

12. Mid-American Club, Chicago

Mid-American Club, Chicago

With many high-rising diners, Chicagoans seem to have a knack for dining in heights. Ran by the outstanding management of the Metropolitan Club, Mid-American Club offers a more laid-back experience, diverse perspectives of the downtown, and a sophisticated menu.

It highlights the city’s only club with such tantalizing vistas, located at the zenith of the Amoco building. And when it comes to food, traditional American cuisine stands in the limelight, sided by world-class culinary techniques and outstanding hospitality.

13. The Signature Room Restaurant, Chicago

The Signature Room Restaurant, Chicago

Upscale dining at the family-run ambient, American cuisine menus prepared from freshly harvested ingredients- the Signature Room Restaurant offers the best of Chicago’s skylines and farm goodies.

Located on the 95th floor of John Hancock Center, height is not the only reason for the Signature Room’s popularity- as their trademark has it, they stand as the restaurant that Chicago looks up to!

14. Dauphin’s, Mobile

Dauphin’s, Mobile

Southern hospitality and coastal cuisine specials fused with breathtaking heights of Alabama’s Gulf Coast- Dauphin’s is unique in many aspects. The restaurant is located on the 34th floor of the First National Bank Building- Mobile’s tallest standing building.

Classic seafood-dominated menu blended with Creole and the Caribbean accents define Dauphin’s menu structure, together with season-fresh ingredients that change by weather. In addition to panoramic views, fine dining here comes with the skilled perfection of prizewinning chefs.

15. Flagstaff House, Boulder

Flagstaff House, Boulder

Located on the scenic heights of Colorado, Flagstaff House perches at the towering heights of Flagstaff Mountains with picturesque views, modern American cuisine, and prizewinning international culinary specials.

Known for its inspired recipes, menus change by the day as the ingredients by the season. The culinary sophistication of Flagstaff House extends to connaisseur-grade wine menus and an outstanding timber-built cocktail menu; this family-owned restaurant is one in a kind.

16. Sky City Restaurant, Seattle

Sky City Restaurant, Seattle

The worlds’ oldest revolving restaurant dates back to over half a century ago, rotating atop Seattle’s iconic tower, Space Needle. Whether to catch a late breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Sky City offers enticing menus, and differing vistas of the shore of Puget Sound, and mountain ranges of western North America.

The thrilling heights and glass-floored observation deck mixed with gourmet dishes of contemporary American cuisine; seafood specials of the Pacific Oceans’ catch of the day, cocktail creations at the rotating lounge- Sky City stand as one of America’s unique destination restaurants.

17. Mister A’s, San Diego

Mister A’s, San Diego

With over half a century of elegant dining, Mister A’s marks one of California premium restaurants with panoramic vistas. Cuisine’s quality rivals the bird-eye perspective vistas of the Pacific Ocean magnificent and downtown quarters below and air-cushion vehicles over the skyline- with a feel of standing over the edge of the world.

High quality, seasonal and hand-picked ingredients are the culinary secret to Mister A’s tantalizing dishes, alongside world-class wines and hand-crafted cocktails.

18. Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce

While most of the restaurants on this listing are located at the modern heart of American cities, Simon Pearce perches over the trembling waterfalls and lushly forested landscape of the quaint village of Quechee.

Nicknamed as America’s most romantic diner, it presents refined American cuisine, a prizewinning wine menu, and chef’s specials. In addition to breathtaking landscape and delectable recipes, the building itself is a historic mill, dating back to the 19th century.

19. Beverly’s, Coeur d’Alene

Beverly’s, Coeur d’Alene

Overlooking the crown jewel of Idaho, lake Coeur d’Alene, Beverly’s restaurant rises only 7 stories from the ground; providing unrivaled views of the lake and the nearby urban settlements. This destination restaurant specializes in bringing out the best of Northwestern flavors and ingredients, presented in classic and inspired menus.

While safeguarding one of the nation’s largest wine treasures, Beverly’s ground-breaking wine collection is adorned in fine granite floors, copper shelves, and open for touring and tasting.

20. Blue Ridge, Ashville

Blue Ridge, Ashville

Inspired menus and artisans dishes are the characteristics of Blue Ridge Restaurant- named after the splendid vista of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The restaurant offers specialties for each meal; à la carte breakfast menus and an outstanding buffet with impeccable attendant services, chef-inspired lunch, and dinner options.

Seafood is the key ingredient of Friday evenings while standing rib roast is served as the Saturday night special.

If still looking for more places to have your crown in the clouds while dining, here are three other of our favorites that did not make it to the list;

The Roof Restaurant, Salt Lake City:

Named as Utah’s most popular fine dining restaurant, the Roof sits on the 10th story of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They offer from new-age American cuisine, and artisan desserts, to the skyline of Salt Lake City and its scenic cathedral.

360 Steakhouse, Council Bluffs:

A posh dining experience with hand-cut steaks, seafood menus, signature cocktails, and vistas of the historic township of Council Bluffs- 360 Steakhouse rises on the panoramic heights of Harrah’s Council Bluffs Hotel & Casino.

Grand View, San Jose:

Apart from spectacular views over the hillocks of San Jose and Santa Clara Valley, the gourmet perfection of this restaurant dates back to 1876. They boast qualities such as farm-fresh ingredients, cozy items sided with gourmet menus, premium wines, and flawless service- only to name a few.

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