This historic city, a world heritage site since 1987, is the largest in the English county of Somerset. Named for its original use, as a Roman spa – the original latin is Aquae Sulis (The waters of Sul) – when the original baths and temple were built, around 60 AD. The Romans loved their hot springs, and subsequent cultures continued this tradition – often claiming the waters have restorative or healing properties. The grand Bath Abbey was erected in the 7th century and has been rebuilt more than once since then. It enjoyed a resurgence of popularity during the Gerogian era, giving the city a beautiful mix of history and honey-coloured architecture.

The centre of the city is fairly small, but packed with things to do, meaning it is excellent for exploring on foot. The thermal baths are still one of the most popular attractions Рchoose between the ancient Roman Baths and the far more modern Thermae Bath Spa. The city now boasts a colourful array of independent shops, as well as a great range of bars and places to eat, making an overnight stay a worthwhile option. Adding to this, it is a great place from which to explore some of the country’s oldest and most beloved attractions Рthe epic neolithic monument Stonehenge, as well as the lesser known Avebury. There are many beautiful places to stay both in the city and in the surrounding countryside.