Sitting astride the majestic River Cam, about 50 miles north of London, is the historic university city of Cambridge. Home of many innovations in learning and science, there is far more to see here than the inside of lecture halls. It was an important center of trade during the Roman and Viking eras, there is even archaeological evidence of settlement in the area as far back as the Bronze Age. The university is among the most prestigious in the world and was founded all the way back in the year 1209.

Take one of the official guided walking tours – the only way to see inside the beautiful colleges of Cambridge University (except being a student, of course). There is so much beautiful architecture to be seen, so much history to soak up, as well as the beautiful bridges over the glassy river that gave the city its name. You can also take a punting tour to have a view of the city from the water. You won’t be disappointed by the many excellent museums and galleries the city has to offer, nor by its fantastic theatre scene. There are a range of excellent festivals that take place here annually, such as the world-famous Folk Festival and the Cambridge Beer Festival. Walking through the compact city will reveal a range of delightful options for those who love to shop, or to eat, or of course to drink. Not only that, there is a range of luxurious hotels and other places to stay in the area.