While there has been a settlement in the area recorded as far back as 1207 (when the area officially became a Borough) and beyond, like many northern English cities, Liverpool really began to boom during the industrial revolution. It is a major port and played its role in some fascinating but very dark periods of history – such as the Atlantic slave trade. The International Slavery Museum illuminates this gruesome past. It has played a role in the settlement of North America, being the departure point for a large number of English and Irish emigrants seeking to begin again in the new world. More recently, it has earned fame as the home of the most influential band in global history – The Beatles.

Liverpool is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the UK and its seventh most visited city. As well as its unique history, probably the best reason to visit is for the incredible cultural scene – there are more art galleries, national museums, and listed buildings here than any other UK city except London. Visitors flock to see the home of The Beatles, but many don’t realize there have been a huge 56 No.1 singles released from Liverpool, more than any other city in the world. Come here for fantastic galleries and museums, for some of the most beautiful architecture to be found anywhere in the UK, for the iconic and still thriving music scene and a whole host of other unique attractions.