Terms of Service

These terms oversee your utilization of the locales (as characterized underneath) remembering your cooperation for our online network (regardless of whether you’re enlisted, contributing substance or simply perusing). If you don’t mind read and check these terms normally as they may change every now and then.

Using Vacationic

By utilizing our site vacationic.com (‘the site’) you consent to be bound by these terms.

No business utilization of destinations is allowed. You may utilize the locales for individual, non-business purposes as it were.

Parents discretion is mandatory if you are younger than 18, you need your parent’s consent before utilizing the destinations or enlisting.

Unauthorized duplication in part or whole is strictly prohibited by international copyright laws without the prior written consent of Vacationic.

Our content may be used exclusively for personal non-commercial and educational purposes providing

  1. no direct or indirect monetary gain will arise from its use
  2. photographs and illustrations may not be used under any circumstances
  3. and maps are unaltered
  4. text may be used with appropriate educational references
  5. the content is not plagiarized under any circumstances
  6. if incorporated as part of a document or presentation, credit and copyright is to be conspicuously displayed in a location relative to the Vacationic content used stating “Courtesy Vacationic. All rights reserved.
  7. prior written consent from Vacationic is required if the content will be part of a publication with a circulation greater than 50 (fifty) copies and or recipients whether electronically, in print or otherwise

All advertised features and specifications of the Vacationic service are subject to change without prior notice. Vacationic is provided on an “as-is” basis. Vacationic makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy, suitability, performance, compatibility, applicability, reliability or availability of the Vacationic website or its content. In no event shall Vacationic be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages either financially, physically or otherwise, due to the use of Vacationic even if due to the negligence of Vacationic team.