Top 15 Hot Springs in United States

What is more relaxing than soaking in thermal lagoons packed with mineral goodies? In America, hot springs have served as sacred therapeutic pools by the indigenous tribes, and later became a travel destination in the country’s modern society whether for healing, beautification, or leisure.

As the summer heat subsides, the frosty mood of autumn and winter grant a delightful finishing touch to these outdoor scalding pools, often facilitated with indoor spas and luxurious accommodations.

To discover the best of the United States’ mineral-rich pools, here is a list of top 15 hot springs- with a few additional tips for after-soaking activities.

1. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

The world’s largest natural hot spring pools are located in Colorado and at the heart of Roaring Fork Valley. These springs have been a warm refuge for nomadic hunters and the health-seeking indigenous people for centuries before the discovery of America.

Numerous spring outlets are sprinkled across the community, each exhibiting a distinct temperature, mineral content, and healing benefits; Besides its size, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool stands out for the scalding fountains- marked as one of the hottest thermal springs worldwide.

Translating to Big Medicine, Yampah Hot Springs is a result of an underground steam cavern, at a stone’s throw from the small pools of Iron Mountain Hot Springs, thermal splash pools, and indoor spas.

After a day of soaking in the mineral goodness, Colorado Western Slope regions offer epic recreation opportunities; the sheer cliffs of Glenwood canyon are home to a spectacular topography, with hiking routes, backcountry campsites, and paragliding terraces.

Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers are both highlighted for rapid water rafting and kayaking. Embraced by myriads of scenic lakes and charming mountaintop hamlets, the rivers and rafting routes ultimately reach the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park- nicknamed the Fairy caves.

2. Calistoga


With 8000 years of history, the entire Upper Napa valley is dotted with hot springs and delightful resorts, each with a unique allure. Marking the main and oldest thermal pool, Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is home to mineral pools, volcanic ash bubbling puddles, thematic roman baths, therapeutic spas, barbeque and picnic areas, and sophisticated accommodations- for a feel of the luxurious, yet healing essence of the resort.

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa blends curated gardens with futuristic designs and the mineral goodness of its springs, claiming one of the country’s fanciest soaking pools. Calistoga Spa Hot Springs favors fine comfort and service, claiming unrivaled mountain views and night time pools designed with dramatic lighting.

The beautiful valley is characterized as Colorado’s wine country, characterized by the encircling vineyards and blue-hued mountain backdrops, dainty cuisine, and routine wine tasting tours to Calistoga’s prizewinning wine cellars.

3. Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park

An impressive assortment of thermal springs is spotted around the City of Hot Springs and its eponymous national park. Established as the country’s oldest recreation-oriented thermal center, the historic bathhouses are sided with scenic hikes such as; the trails to Gulpha Gorge and wilderness campground, Tufa Terrace, and the scenic passages over the verdant ramps of Ouachita Mountain.

While indulging in a spa-experience may be considered as a rather costly activity, the state-run traditional bathhouses and private spa hotels bid an array of prices and amenities for all needs and want.

Fordyce Bathhouse Museum immerses deeper into the thermal heritage of the Row Bathhouses, and the spa town’s grandeur since the aboriginal tribes, later settlements, and occasional celebrity guests- such as Al Capone and Bill Clinton.

Displaying the magnificence of Arkansas topography, nature enthusiasts visit the county for its birds, on-land wildlife, photography-worthy vistas, and recreational trails- at the suiting leisure of the hot spring bathhouses.

4. Hot Springs State Park, Arkansas

Hot Springs State Park

Aboriginal relics and petroglyphs, wildlife, and luxurious to free of cost thermal hot springs- Hot springs State Park embraces it all. A large assemblage of scalding springs are sprinkled across the public recreation area, most characterized by the massive mineral travertine.

Surrounded by open grasslands, soaking in these pools joins with the extraordinary landscape of Thermopolis; covering from mineral sedimentary rocks of Rainbow Terraces and hot-water cascades, and occasionally the park’s roaming bison.

State Bath House provides no-cost bathing options at its wilderness thermal pools, while a few spa hotels provide posh accommodation and fine hot spring facilities, together with an entertaining splash park.

A few kilometers to the north, Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site is a unique display of prehistoric art, along with many heritage elements across the ancient Hot Springs County.

5. Tecopa Hot Springs

Tecopa Hot Springs

For a day’s escape from the colorful entertainments in Las Vegas, Tecopa Hot Springs are a relaxing getaway- at only two hours’ drive from the Neon Capital of the World. Located amid the arid deserts and sparse heath shrubberies, many of these large volcanic pools speckle the barren body of the Nevada desert.

Enlisted among the most medicinal spring waters across the country, off-center resorts are established around the healing oasis, to bring together the naturalistic luxury with spa services, posh accommodations, and Avant grade diners. In addition to resort-grade bathing, atmospheric wilderness pools are open for a public visit- unfacilitated, free of cost through truly memorable for the harsh beauty of the desert, from the mid-pool perspectives.

6. The Boiling River

The Boiling River

At the Yellowstone National Park’s volcanic landscape, the Boiling River snakes around the Mammoth area, at the confluence of Gardner River- where the frigid stream of the river meets with the scalding thermal spring waters. From concentric travertines, strangely eroded landforms, and colorful mineral sediments, to thermal geysers and volcanic mud pools- hiking trails lead the way to a peculiar realm around the Mammoth hot spring region.

Backcountry camping and angling, particularly trout fishing, marks the popular activities around the river, side by photogenic treks, and the sight of roaming elks, bison, and even grizzlies while in the pools. While free of charge, a small fee is collected at the park’s entrance to maintain yellow stones’ many bewilderments.

7. Travertine Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs

One of America’s most popular locations for authentic thermal bathing lies outside Bridgeport rural limits, and at the Isha Indian Reserve. Sided by heritage burial grounds and aboriginal vestiges, the historic springs hold the thumbprints of the first residents here since the Paleo-Indians and later Paiute nations, leaving behind their rudimentary pools around the concentric travertine- hence the name.

Apart from the archaic spirit of these sacred pools, the semi-arid topography and vistas of the Sierra Mountains are unrivaled in their beauty. While completely free of charge, the hot springs mark a rare geologic phenomenon with historic eminence; upholding care and cleanliness is of utmost importance and highly advised to visitors.

At a short stroll from the rustic pools, Buckeye Hot Springs is noted for its own thermal mini-waterfall, secluded ambience and its own facilitated campground.

8. Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Sprawling on the remote Alaskan terrains, Chena Hot Springs grants all the goodies of sulfur-rich thermal waters, in contradiction with the region’s frosty climate. epitomizes around luxury spa treatments, the resort is a private establishment, with relaxing outdoor pools, luxury suites, and gourmet dining options.

At the proximity of the Chena River State Recreation Area, recreational activities change by the season. From hiking around the Angel Rock, the sighting of arctic wildlife, fishing, and backcountry camping in summer, to dog sledding, snowshoeing, and soaking in the snow-fringed scalding pools during winter.

Between mid-September to the end of April, the region is illuminated with the celestial spectacles of the Auroras- providing the unique opportunity to relax in the thermal pools while enjoying the swaying light ribbons.

On the cultural side, Ice Museum showcases the frozen art of the native artists throughout the year, together with the community’s hospitable spirit and legacies of Tanana Valley.

9. Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs

On a two hours’ trip from Denver, Dunton Hot Springs is nestled at the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Once a remote ghost town, Dunton was refurbished into a spa town, much portrayed in the rustic outlook of the resort’s structures- though the interior is adorned with the indulgent essence of tourism and thermal spring.

Wellness appeals and luxury comfort merges with mountainous adventures, recreational trails, and guided tours to the aboriginal landmarks. the resort itself offers private chalets, midrange condos, and premier suites and packages for a delightful couple’s retreat.

Overlooking the Dolores River, rafting and kayaking feature the aquatic activity around the walled canyon of Hanging Flume-an open water chute- veined by waterfront hiking trails to reach up to the region’s highland sheer wilderness.

10. Goldbug Hot Springs

Goldbug Hot Springs

Over the lush hillocks of the Salmon Valley, Goldbug Hot Springs dominates the dramatic mountains and verdant creeks of Salmon-Challis National Forest. Noted for its engrossing remoteness, large boulders to small-gravel banks surround the scalding pools, flanked by alpine shrubberies. The trailheads start around the bottom of the valley and picturesque banks of Salmon River and rise to a steep hike to the steaming wilderness pools.

For experiencing the mineral benefits of Goldbug at the luxurious comfort of modern facilities, visit the Challis Hot Springs, offering flavorsome cuisine and roofed accommodations, RV facilitated campground, and recreational tours.

Recognized as a family-friendly getaway, wildlife sighting by the virtue of horseback tours, trail guides to the foothills of Pahsimeroi River and amenities for kayaking and rafting extrusions are the resort’s typical activities- besides an indoor pool and a posh wellness center.

11. Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Hot Springs

Next to Elwha River, Olympic Hot Springs raves from the verdant bedrocks at Boulder Creek. Noted among the most scenic wilderness hot springs, these explicit pools stand as a popular winter recreation and medicinal soak tubs throughout the year.

Boulder Creek harbors its own facilitated campsite at Elwha Campground, and the head trails to its seven thermal springs. In addition to wilderness pools, resort-class spas are available at a jaunt, with all the lavish quintessence of wellness centers.

Only a stroll from champagne powder slopes, Olympic National Park is a world-famous skiing destination, wildlife and birding ground in summer, and a year-round recreational playground.

12. Hot Springs, Virginia

Hot Springs, Virginia

While most of the United States finest hot springs are found along the western regions, the township of Hot Springs is ladened with historic spa resorts and remote thermal pools. Sitting over the gentle hills of the Allegheny Mountains, the Omni Homestead Resort is prominent as one of the finest resorts worldwide.

Enlisted among the National Historic Landmarks, the resort combines luxurious thermal pools with over centuries of remarkable hospitality, Virginia’s first, and yet outstanding, ski resort, a grand skating rink, and a champion-level golf course.

The landscape embraces the typical alpine flora of Appalachian Ranges and scenic trails that lead to heath topographies and highland bogs. Besides cycles, hikers, and horseback riders, these trails are frequented to witness the rare sight of mountain lions, elks, beavers, along with many other species that call these verdant hillocks home.

13. Chico Hot Springs Resort

Chico Hot Springs Resort

On the highlands of Yellowstone River, Chico Hot Springs suggests the sentiment of a national historic site, with ultramodern spa facilities. Accommodation here ranges from family-friendly lodges to romantic suites- with the breathtaking vistas of Absaroka Ranges and knolls draped with the Gallatin woodlands.

Standing as one the oldest resort, Chico Hot Springs heritage resort is noted for its appetizing cuisine, indoor thermal pools, and stress-busting spa package, with initiatives on region’s year-round recreation- whether to mount the picturesque trails to Yellowstone National Park, to tube, raft or sight the migrating birds in summer, and or join the snow and ice recreation during the wintry months.

14. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Tucked in the blooming foothills of Cascade mountains, Goldmyer Hot Springs are treasured for their unruffled serenity and the remote and romantic thermal bathing experience all to yourself.

Sparkling pools are hidden amid the lushly grown forests, curated with stone-paved footpaths, wooden bridges, and rustic staircases- much resembling a wellness fairyland.

Starting at the banks of Snoqualmie River, tree-arched trails point the way from Pratt Connector Trail to these thermal hot springs, sided by lakes, fishing creeks, and backcountry campsites- and countless other natural wonders at Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.

15. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Sided with the rugged grace of Yampa River, Strawberry Park Hot Springs are dotted along the creek. These large outdoor steaming pools are combined with the vistas of Routt National Forest, massage and therapeutic spa rooms, picnic zone, and even roofed accommodation for staying overnight.

The stretch from the forest to the Thunder Basin National Grassland is a favorite location for big game hunting, hiking, and wildlife sighting during summer, while it bids world-famous ski runs and the finest of powder bowls during winter. Whether hiking, riding, or skiing, these scenic hot spring pools grant a relaxant remedy to the sore feet of the recreationist visitors.

To experience stress-busting pools, adventure, and scenic perspectives together, the American terrain is riddled with atmospheric mineral hot springs- ranging from desert bottom pools to those tucked away in mountains. In conclusion, here is a brief overview of two other notable thermal springs in the United States;

Hart Mountain Hot Springs sits at the arid heart of Oregon’s high desert. Surrounded by the rolling golden plains, the scalding springs are accompanied by the intermittent presence of the desert’s wild residents and hiking trails to the antelope territory of the National Wildlife Refuge.

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is a hidden gem of Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. Enveloped by a typical sub-alpine landscape, recreational trails connect these thermal outdoor pools to many waterfalls, alpine lakes, and trace views. At only a half-hour drive, Lolo Hot Springs perches on the northern trails of Jerry Johnson pools, presenting a fairly unique appeal.

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