Top 20 Zoos in The United States

Whether fascinated by spotting exotic animals in their natural habitat, or looking for a weekend getaway that the young and adults enjoy alike- American zoos are fascinating in all aspects. stroll amid the wilderness of replicated habitat of a variety of numerous peculiar creatures- at the exceptional safety of zoological-gardens, together with adorable farm parks and delectable restaurants.

Over 12 percent of the world’s zoos are here in the United States, most of which offer prizewinning collections; here, we have hand-picked the top 20 of these menageries that you should visit at least once.

1. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

With over 150 years’ history, Philadelphia Zoo ranks as the first animal park in the U.S. On the verdant bank of the Schuylkill River, the zoo features one of the most bio-diverse and populated manageries in the country, while embracing the world’s finest breeding facilities for endangered species.

Heritage structures, botanic greenhouses dating back to the zoo’s founder, vast inhabitants, and restaurants are connected by a network of tree-arched passages, curated paths and junctions, adorned with animal sculptures- the zoo is an eccentric mixture of art, entertainment, and animal husbandry put together.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha

Rated among the top five zoos across the globe, Henry Doorly Zoo is an innovative conservation center with remarkable habitat exhibitions. While sheltering several exotic species, the management aims to improve animal husbandry and promote the repopulation of endangered creatures-whether by over haunting, global warming, or breeding obstacles.

Sensational settings connect the way to exhibits; such as suspension bridges crossing over rivers and waterfalls, breathtaking tunnels running beneath the park’s aquarium, the world’s largest indoor desert with its iconic reptilians, the country’s largest indoor rainforest with a splendid collection of hummingbirds- the zoo is an exceptional sanctuary for both animals and visitors.

3. Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington, D.C.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington, D.C.

Enlisted among the US’s oldest, largest and most biodiverse animal parks, visiting the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is completely free of cost. The management aims to provide an engaging experience with animals, while educating the visitors about wildlife interaction and nature conservation.

Giraffes, lions, elephants, pandas, koalas, birds of prey, and the list of species here continues to over 3000, home in an array of prizewinning habitats. For those who can’t make it in person, the park offers virtual safari tours- for an intimate glance into the wild at the comfort of your home.

4. Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens, Hawaii

Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens, Hawaii

Among the Hawaii archipelago’s many spectacles, Panaewa animal park is the country’s only rainforest zoo. This tropical refuge is mostly home to endangered Hawaiian animals, together with eighty exotic creatures including a white Bengal tiger.

Other mentionable features include the botanical garden with an exotic arboretum and a petting zoo for the young visitors. The gardens and Hilo’s fertile coasts sit over the volcanic plains of northern Hawaii, with a rich in rugged waterfalls, verdant rainforest, and sparkling shorelines for a taste of Hawaii’s authentic leisure.

5. Central Park Zoo, NYC

Central Park Zoo, NYC

At the pulsating heart of New York, the central park is a meadowy haven with curated pathways, playgrounds, recreational rinks, and its world-famous zoo- renowned as a rescuer of many nearly extinct animals. With a chance to see snow monkeys, red pandas, spotted snow leopards, polar bears, and tropical lemurs- the central park zoo houses alternating ecosystems just at a short distance.

Tisch Children’s Zoo is an animal park and an all-time favorite petting-zone for children, with snack kiosks, enchanted elfland, and themed playgrounds.

6. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Ranked as the country’s No. 1 zoo, Cincinnati Zoo is renowned worldwide for its collection of legendary animals; the famous hippo Fiona, Martha the last homing pigeon, the latest existing Carolina parakeet, and a remarkable array of exotic animals. Notably, Several species have been rescued from extinction here at the park’s zoological center.

designated as a national historic landmark and a family-friendly destination, this animal park boasts exemplary animal husbandry- including dedicating vast areas to habitats and recreating accurate bio-systems. A magnificent botanical garden boasts much of its prizewinning collections on the inside.

Exotic blooms and mind-boggling plant displays and the terrarium are harmonized with their co partnering species of butterflies, incest, and hummingbirds- only paces from the park’s grand aquarium.

7. Alaska Zoo, Anchorage

Alaska Zoo, Anchorage

The mysterious essence of the Arctic Steppe terrain of Alaska is captured within the Alaska zoo- a home to several native bird and animal species; where Brown bears, caribou, moose, bald eagles and reindeers, and other native residences – call this boreal wonderland home.

Exhibits of exotic creatures, such as Himalayan yak and highland tigers, are the park’s treasured guests. In addition to habitat displays, the primary program here evolves around the conservation of polar bears and the rehabilitation of injured animals.

8. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

From the cute Asian pandas to majestic African elephants and everything in between- San Diego Zoo spans over a hundred-acre, encompassing a collection of the world’s most iconic species. Most creatures dwell in cageless exhibits and atmospheric ambient, replicating the true essence of their natural terrain.

To visit the park thoroughly, hop on the sky tramp, and enjoy the aerial perspective of splendid animals and scenic landscapes. Ranked among the top 10 zoos worldwide, astounding celestial wonders here are cherished at the comfort of groomed pathways, children’s playground, and restaurants.

9. Maryland Zoo, Baltimore

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore

At the heart of Druid Hill Park, the enchanting Baltimore zoo offers exceptional animal exhibits, educational tours for introducing the wild wonders to the world and entertainment.The third oldest zoo in the country is a leading conservation center with special care for polar bears and African animals, particularly cape penguins.

Tundra safari takes the visitors into the frigid world of the majestic white-furred creatures, while the African Journey leads the way through the repopulated habitats of Savannah species. Special events such as birthday or bachelor parties, or daily fun like interactive animal shows and Scavenger Hunts are the park’s specials for all age groups.

10. Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo

Alongside epic displays of animals in close replicas of wild habitats, Saint Louis Zoo stands in the limelight of pioneering animal care and innovative management. The lake, Mississippi river and the far-reaching plains of the zoo have merged with Missouri Botanical Garden- established as the second largest of its kind in North America. The Caribbean Cove, sea lions and polar bear resting rocks around the lake, river’s edge’s bush species, grizzly bears and prairies’ herbivorous animals, butterfly and insect gardens and the big cat territory at the red rock. Zool-ine Railroad provides a laid-back exploration, with pit stops at restaurant and snack-bar equipped stations for all the appetite after wildlife gazing.

11. Bronx Zoo, Washington, D.C.

Bronx Zoo, Washington, D.C.

In harmony with the spirit of the Empire City, Bronx Zoo features one of America’s largest animal conservation and parks. Collections here range from exotic birds and animal species, to rehabilitated and endangered wild members, to the world’s largest elephants origami compilation according to Guinness World Records.

Nestled at the Rock Creek Park, prizewinning captive habitats are sided with the rocking stone, a 30 ton memorial of the last ice age, the Nocturnal house for the nightly creatures, a sky tram for bird-eye perspective over the park, a petting zoo, and several Grab-and-Go snack kiosks and dine-in eateries.

12. Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

The state run menagerie of Los Angeles exhibit another splendid assortment of animal species from all around the biosphere. Spanning over 133 acres, the botanical gardens spread throughout the park- particularly fascinating around the rainforest animal habits. In addition to fur and fluff wonders, Los Angeles Zoo offers bird shows, themed parks, petting zoos and rescue animal interactive programs.

Visitors can join the tours and while visiting the peculiar design of habitats, listen to the stories of captive animals on the run- as an unintentional characteristic of the zoo throughout the last decades.

13. Miami Zoo, Florida

Miami Zoo, Florida

The United States only subtropical zoo is a colorful refuge of animals, located along the scenic beaches and hiking trails of the magic city, Miami. Occupying over 750 acres, Miami Zoo ranks as one of the largest zoos worldwide and is home to over 5000  species and 3000 animals- most of which are conserved due to risk of extension.

Besides innumerable interesting exhibits such as the African heath habitats and its spectacular aquarium, it maintains a handful of hiking trails and themed recreation zones. The most iconic feature of the park lies around its jungle trail, leading through thick forest, alligator pools, and the jungle island.

14. Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo

Posing as Texas’s oldest and leading menagerie, Dallas Zoo guarantees entertainment for the whole family. Fine replicates of animal environments and adventurous passages through them are the key innovation of the park; best seen as the arid landscape of the African savannah with many photos-opt opportunities.

A scenic monorail safari, known as T-Rex Express, a children’s farm animal petting zoo, and a playground with flying horses are the favorite activities for the young visitors, together with daily animal shows and interactive events.

15. Woodland Park Zoo, Washington

Woodland Park Zoo, Washington

From African heaths to canopy of rainforests to the Nordic landscapes- Woodland Park Zoo exhibits the imitation of many natural biotopes from around the world, alongside their fascinating residents; from lions and giraffes roaming the savanna shrubberies, grey wolves and grizzly bears meandering the rugged habitats and colorful creatures of temperate forests- the zoo is famed for its rich biodiversity.

Besides animal sighting, this peculiar park harbors its own brewery for a taste of Seattle’s famous craft beer.

16. Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is a place where animal husbandry meets humane care and unbarred closure. Prevailing over 216 acres of verdant land, the original has used natural barriers such as shrubberies, landforms and water-filled moats to separate animals, instead of the use of wired impounds.

Millions each year travel to Chicago to visit the state-of-the-art animal habitats; highlighting rugged marine landforms housing Nordic seals and penguins, dense canopy forests with the majestic great bear, tropic havens with waterfalls myriads of colorful birds, butterflies, and tree-living mammals, educational displays at Habitat African and much more.

17. Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

Not far from Brookfield’s massive animal park, Lincoln Park Zoo stands among the North America’s oldest zoos, free of cost for all visitors. Laidback educational programs aim to widen the perspective on life in the wild, sided with leisurely garden tours, polar bear daily shows and round-calendar events.

With atmospheric views over Chicago and arraying ecosystems to house over two thousand animals, the zoo grants photogenic perspectives- both delightful to gaze at and optimum to celebrate an ever-memorable wedding day.

18. Living Desert Zoo, California

Living Desert Zoo, California

One of the world’s most fascinating desert-themed menageries sprawls on the rolling golden pastures of Palm Desert- where botanical life is a peculiar mix of arid species to heath shrubberies. African wildlife and other guest species of the desert are sided with the rehabilitated native animals and the zoo’s protagonist, the bighorn sheep.

Once called the Living Desert Museum, this animal park has contributed greatly to the conservation of critically endangered desert-dwellers. Thematic gardens and paved pathways gently carry the visitors to the barren wilderness and wonders of the desert.

19. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando

World’s largest theme park houses its own zoo; the place where Walt Disney themed attractions blend with the atmospheric animal habitats. Every piece of legends and stories has manifested into breathtaking wildlife exhibitions; animal safari at Kilimanjaro, exploring the otherworldly landscape of Avatar’s Pandora, climbing the Everest or rafting down Kali River rapids, and 300 species of animals- from African lions, to Asian elephants and bengal tigers, to flocks of flamingos. Picturesque Animal Kingdom Villas offer a night’s stay at the luxurious comfort of the suites amid a Walt Disney World.

20. San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

Lounging along the scenic shores of the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Zoo is often described as a metropolitan oasis, with an iconic penguin island.

Curated paths and gardens run along with habitats of 250 species, endangered animals, exotic displays, and botanical wonders; South American Tropical Rainforest with colorful parrots, tree lemur forest, giraffes in all their towering glory, and the friendly grizzly sister.

Noted as a family favorable and low budget animal park, the zoo’s Nature Trail strolls into the wilderness, sided with interactive programs during the warmer months.

In conclusion, we would like to add to other zoos for a memorable experience, with free admission;

Cape May Zoo in New Jersey

Needless to mention the cost-free exhibitions, Cape May zoo boasts over 550 animal species, both conserved animals and exotic creatures. Children’s playground, boulder climbing, and fine eateries are the complements of the serene ambient of the park’s groomed wilderness.

Como Park Zoo, Saint Paul

A sparkling lake, playgrounds, a carousel, tree-arched paths, a champion-level golf course and the list of side activities here continue- sided by fascinating exhibits of continental species. The most iconic feature of the park is the fine habitat replicas specially, the Frog exhibitions.

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